Anekdote is a directory celebrating great, independent businesses. These companies are not run by stockholders, layers of bureaucracy or an algorithm. They are full of soul and quite often the life's work of the entrepreneurs behind them. By supporting an independent business, you stand by their beliefs, their obsession to detail and their approach to answer directly to customers. You're also supporting a true reflection of the people behind it, people who care.

This list is not exhaustive. Instead it's a carefully curated excerpt of what we can safely recommend to our friends and family.

Code of Practice:
1. Build an independent business.
2. Build a long term business. Profit is more important than revenue.
3. Be coherent. It’s the key to longevity.
4. Keep things simple
5. Take your time, there is no overnight success.
6. Look ahead, but don't forget that ideas are not always new.
7. Tell the truth. Always.
8. Create products or services that reflect yourself.
9. Be an example for others.
10. So, don’t be the 250th direct to consumer mattress brand.

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